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Hello!  We’re glad you stopped by Symposia Medicus’s Blog and Forum.  This site is designed to enhance your participation in our conferences.  We will regularly post information regarding upcoming conferences and we welcome discussion on topics covered in past ones.

Do you have a question about a topic covered in a conference you just attended?  Post it on our Conference Forum in the CLINICAL section of your meeting where lecturers and other participants can partake in a discussion before, during and after the conference you’ve attended.

The ON-SITE INFO section of the website is an area where fellow participants can share their experiences in and look for suggestions on dining, shopping, afternoon trips, and more.  Can’t wait to tell everyone about your dining experience at the restaurant a few blocks from the hotel?  Share it in the ON-SITE INFO section.  Looking for recommendations on afternoon family outings?  Check the ON-SITE INFO section for suggestions.

And don’t forget to check out our blog SyMed News!  Check out new articles and online posts from participating conference lecturers.  You’ll also get to know everyone at the Symposia Medicus office by following our blog and reading about some of the activities that go on at the office while we prepare for the conferences.

We welcome suggestions and look forward to answering any questions you may have.  Contact me, Lia, at lvalenzuela@symposiamedicus.org.

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