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113 replies on “Testimonials”

I have attended two of your conferences and they were great. Very well organized and great presenters. Look forward to attending more of your conferences in the future.

Attended the integrative health workshop recently. Information was timely and up to date. Speakers were well versed and the learning was well worth the time and money

Symposia Medicus always maintains quality CEU/CME’s and provides an excellent venue and production for education. The speakers were all well versed experts, the setting was idealic and the lectures were very valuable and pertinent to my practice.

Symposia is my first choice in choosing a Medical conference. Love the destinations, the thoughtful free time and great speakers. Breakfasts and snacks are wonderful.

Just returned from the Alaskan cruise for the Challenges in OB/GYN conference and I was immensely impressed! Learnt a lot from the speakers and the cruise was magnificent! Loved that the sessions were done on days we were at sea which gave ample opportunities for excursions at the ports. It was my first cruise experience and it was great! Thank you!

I have been attending Symposia Medicus conferences since 2000. The conferences are always worth my time and money, providing up to date information in obstetrics and gynecology by leaders in the field in the most beautiful destinations. I try to go to one at least every other year if not yearly! It is a great way to obtain continuing education and taking a break too!

I have been to one in Los Cabos and it could not have been any better. Great learning and an atmosphere of pleasure.

I have been to several Symposia Medicus conferences and always have been pleased with the conference itself and the venues. Especially the one on Maui in Kihei! Do some more there!

I love to travel and is still actively practicing medicine so what a winerful way to hit 2 birds with one stone… Earning CMEs and learning while on a cruising or touring!!

I’ve attended several Symposia Medicus conferences and have found them to be superior to university sponsored CME events. SM brings together a group of high quality speakers for a truly enjoyable and HELPFUL

Cruised are my favorite. A wonderful way to travel and relax. The conference format works well. Great destinations. Planning to take family along next time.

I have attended multiple Symposia Medicus conferences which they try to hold in highly desired locations within excellent facilities with excellent speakers and free time for sight seeing.

Have attended several of Symposia Medicus conferences, always excellent speakers with up to date information.

Symp Med is my Go To for continuing education.
I was sold from the very first conference that I attended.
Top of the industry speakers & topics in Amazing locations.
They have cut away the fat so to speak in medical education conferences to facilitate maximum absorption & retention of information.

Best conferences hands down. Attended several women’s health conferences in several different islands in Hawaii and I was not disappointed! Learning combined with beautiful destinations makes the experience priceless!

Symposium Medicus conference never disappoint! Excellent up to date information, interesting speakers, lovely locations. would definitely recommend!

Have been to many starting in 1996 Advise NPS in work with to attend as well. and many have gone as a result of sharing the information and feedback.

Love the conference sites always pick great places. The staff at the sites are always great treat the group with all there special needs . Always come home refreshed and have new ideas for practice . Really enjoy meeting other colleagues and sharing practice stories.

I have attend numerous conferences and the location that you have had them. Will continue attending your conferences because they are very informative and in addition your locations are superb.

I have been to numerous Symposia Medicus conferences, and have loved every one of them. The speakers are great, and the places they hold them are even better. Can’t wait for the Rhine River cruise this fall.

Symposia Medicus conferences give me updated information that enhances my practice of medicine or assures me that I am practicing at or above the standard of care.

I look forward to Symposia Medicus conferences, they are always held in destination vacation locations and they provide quality education update.

Love the NY venue for holiday atmosphere as well as great topics for seasoned practitioners; I always come away with something I can immediately apply to my clinical practice.

The conferences are packed with new information and treatments. The destination are fabulous and allow me to add vacation time before or after the conferences.

I always learn a lot and have a great time. The locations make it vacation-like while gathering cme.

Symposia Medicus has always provided excellent source of topics and speakers with up to date information.

Symposia Medicus Conferences are my favorite to attend. Great course material with excellent presenters mixed with vacation type places. I have never been disappointed!

Symposia Medicus has become my default location for CME. The speakers are excellent and always accessible. The locations are incredible and they always seem to come up with something and someplace new and exciting. My favorite has been the Women’s Health conference while floating the Danube from Budapest into Germany. The intimate environment was incredible. I left both culturally and academically enriched. Keep up the good work.

My experiences with S.M. have been very good. Loved the Jackson Hole Conference about 8 years ago. Learned a lot at the NYC, GYN conference, 2 years ago. No other conferences have been as organized or has the staff been as helpful as at S.M. Thank you!

I have had wonderful experiences at Symposia Medicus conferences. I always return to practice with new “Pearls”to improve my practice. Speakers are knowledgeable and provide great information. Looking forward to my next conference.

I LOVE Symposia Medicus conferences. The High Risk Obstetrics is my favorite. It is full of updated practice information, and the speakers are always outstanding!!!

It enhances my knowledge and understanding and be able to share my
my what I learned to my friends and coworkers.At the same time able to
take vacation and see places. Having fun and learning at the same time❤

I love Symposia Medicus conferences! I have always felt that attending Symposia Medicus conferences have improved my practice and knowledge base. The lectures are first class, designed for the needs of the health care professional to stay on top of new data and clinical updates. I have never been disappointed in the lectures or the location. Thank you for a quality educational opportunity!

I attended the Neonatal Conference in Napa, CA 2 yrs ago, and it was excellent. I am hoping to return again this year. Thank you for the great topics and updates, and well organized events. Great locations are a plus!

I have been attending Symposia Medicus’ conferences for years and have yet to be disappointed. Always incredibly well-organized and well-run, in beautiful places. The speakers are compelling and engaging. Keep up the good work!

Always enjoy Symposia Medicus’s conferences. Learn new trends, research and updates in order
To care for my patients with the newest research.
I love to meet new people from around the country and the locations are priceless!

I attended the conference on Integrative Medicine and it was terrific. The content was just what I needed and I loved having the conference in Sedona, AZ. I also like how the conference allow time for sightseeing. I am scheduled to attend a conference in the Cayman Island and can’t wait!

Sedona was my first Symposia Medicus conference, but it won’t be my last! It was wonderful and the setting was spectacular.

Symposia Medicus is the best. Symposia employees are always so helpful.
Meetings are excellent.

It was a wonderful conference in St. Maarten this Month. Well Organized with awesome material. It was my first conference and I left there very satisfied. Thank you

I have always enjoyed the Symposia Medicus CME courses. The topics are fresh and up to date and very informative. The course locations have always been top-notch, and the Symposia Medicus staff make it so easy to enjoy the course and provide organized, enjoyable extracurricular activities associated with the course locations.

Super excited to be attending my first conference with Symposia in November on high risk pregnancy. I love the locale and look forward to other future conferences!

Just came back from Woments Health Conference in New Orleans and it was the best conference I have ever attended. The speakers were informative, extremely knowledeable in their field, up to date, funny at times, and have never seen as many perinatologist in one gathering. Never was bored with their presentations. Truly awesome!!!!

I am planning on attending the Women’s conference in Montana this summer . I can’t wait! It will be my first conference.

I look forward to the Symposia Medicus Conferences. They are quality presentations, learning made enjoyable and valuable information to enhance my practice. I try to attend once or twice a year, combined with a short vacation and feel absolutely refreshed and enlightened with new knowledge when I return back to my work.

Great conferences and always well organized. I have attended probably 12 or so over the past and get the same quality speakers and sites each and every time. Keep up the outstanding work!

Great conferences, great venues, wonderful staff. One suggestion is to vary the venues. I like to attend the same conferences over the years, but the venues don’t change. I’m not attending a conference this Spring just because of that.

My love and I eloped last year right before the OB conference in Grand Cayman Oct 2014. We flew down a couple days early. Exchanged vows on the beach @ sunset. And spent an hour swimming each day in the mornings. It was also the very Best week of my 1st trimester. Wonderful food and service. The island is Just Gorgeous. And the ACOG speakers @ the conference who were Southern were hilarious and engaging and dynamic and very well-researched.

I came home Wanting to talk and share about what I had learned!! We also got reimbursed for our Honeymoon. And the whole trip was a tax deduction. No complaints here. We’re lookin into taking our lil one to Hawaii or St Maarten in the Fall for more. Well-done Symposia Medicus!!

I have attended a conference every year for since 1996 and have found Symposia Medicus to be consistently excellent in content. The speakers are generally interesting and expert in their discipline. The hotels are superior brands near interesting attractions and adventures. Always a delight, both professionally and leisurely.

I love combining a wonderful venue with learning. Great hosts, well-organized, all details taken care of. So enjoyable. Thanks for stimulating our heads and our hearts!

I have attended several Symposia Medicus conferences over the past 12 years. The conferences are well organized, up to date and always very enjoyable. Thank you for making continuing education fun and painless!

Anyone ever tried to attend a conference with symposiamedicus and they lost your registration and then tried to blame your secretary? Do they make it a practice to use smaller venues and turn numbers of potential participants away? Those are the experiences I am having with symposiamedicus!! Not happy with their less than acceptable customer service!!

I’ve attended many, many Symposia meetings over 35+ years in practice. ALL have been terrific. Well organized, quality presentations, concern for attendee’s needs. Have hardly used any other conference services.

Definitely worth your time and money. You’ll be glad you chose Symposium Medicus. I’m on my 7th year in a row and I’ve never been disappointed yet.


I have been going to Symposia Medicus conferences since 2000-I usually go once or twice a year. They are well organized, in great locations, have great speakers, and the educational content is up to date so as I always leave learning something new. I always enjoy them and look forward to the next!

I attended my first Symposia Medicus meeting last month in NY. The topics were great. I am looking forward to attending another one.

I have attended several Symposia Medicus conferences and have never been disappointed. Always current topics, great locations, very well organized with fabulous speakers! I look forward to many more in the years ahead.

Hello, Dr. DeCesare: We are more than happy to provide you with clarification on matters relating to our conferences. Please contact our office at 800.327.3161. Our office is open from 8:30am – 5:00pm PST. If you prefer communications via email, our address is info@symposiamedicus.org.

Thank you,
Lia Valenzuela
Social Media Coordinator

Best conferences. I attended Napa last year.
Katherine (Kat): I’m thinking about looking for CNM In California. Ideas?

We used to attend another company’s conferences but found Symposia Medicus to be much more appropriate for RNs. Also our “former conference provider” engaged in frequent HMO bashing and I work for a very fine one.

I LOVE the December yearly Emergencies in Primary Care conference. I have attended 3 times and this will be my fourth. I just wish it was longer with more CME hours offered even if it was optional!

I have attended 15 Symposium conferences. I have tried other companies but no one offers as high quality education as Symposium Medicus.

Symposia Medicus is the only conference I attend, and I do so every year. The information is presented beautifully, by talented people across the disciplines, and current, relevant science.

I have never been disappointed with the information I have acquired at the conferences. I try to attend yearly and the locations are terrific also. 🙂

I have attended yearly since I was licensed in 1995. Meetings are always in great locations, well run, informative. I like the variety of speakers, ie MD, CNM and NP’s. It’s good to hear different views from the different disciplines. These conferences always exceed expectations. I have also enjoyed meeting and having discussions with professionals from all over the United States. Thank you, Symposia Medicus!

I love Symposia conferences, started going to them when I was still a resident. I love the locations, thinking about going to St.Marteen in Feburary!

I attended a couple of your conferences over the years. They have always been well run and in interesting locations.

The framework of the conferences is so good that I love to fly from Iceland to attend SM live conferences. Looking forward to the next one in Bahamas.

SM conferences are top notch, professional and useful. Looking forward to my next one in Nassau.

Just attended Integrated Care in Women’s Health. Speakers were great and sparked interests in entirely new areas for me. I could enjoy a conference devoted to any one of their disciplines.

I have attended 15 Symposia Medicus conferences. Their topics and speakers are always relevant and up-to-date. I have attended conferences sponsored by other groups and they are not of the same excellent quality.

I have attended several Symposia Medicus conferences and have never been disappointed. Always current topics, great locations, impecable planning, and fabulous speakers! Continue the great work please!

I have been to three Symposia Medicus conferences: Cabo San Lucas, Atlantis in the Bahamas and on Maui. They have all been top notch, at great reports, had excellent speakers, offer great side excursions and my wife and I always add a few days and turn it into a great private get-away from the kids. Looking forward to Sait Maarten in March. I am a fan.

I have attended several conferences with symposium medicus and have enjoyed them all. My husband travels with me and we enjoy the trips together. The conference schedule allows us to do fun adventures and it allows us to have a vacation trip as well. The conference syllabus covers applicable topics and information to keep me updated in my work. Mostly, we enjoy the locations!!!!!

I have attended many Symposia Medicus conferences. The locations are wonderful and I appreciate the ability to add extra hotel days at conference rates to accommodate vacation time with my husband. I appreciate the quality and timeliness of the speakers and topics. I usually don’t even “shop” for any other conference!

I liked the Atlantis Resort venue last November and looking forward to the venue in Hawaii in coming autumn.

I really enjoyed the conference last summer in Napa. The speakers were excellent and the location was wonderful. Was a little disappointed in the hotel at first but actually, it turned out to be quite nice. I’m sure I will attend another of your conferences.

I’m not sure if my family s coming anybody 3 women interested to share the room with water view email me please. I check in July 30 out aug 5

Excellent Locations and well respected faculty. I have attended four or five of your conferences and will continue to do so – your conferences are a wonderful mix of up to date academics and fun locations- always a great value.

Continue to increase your topics and faculty to remain fresh.

Symposia always does a masterful job with the conferences. I always learn something that I can immediately apply to my practice. The clinical examples and small group settings allow great interaction and dialogue. I can’t wait until I get the chance to attend again.

Thank you for hosting these conferences. My wife and I have enjoyed the excellent locations and friendly hosts. We look forward to attending more in the future.

I hope you can already provide details for the pediatric nutrition conference in July 2012. I have to prepare for it way in advance because I will still be coming from the Philippines. More power !

I always enjoy your conferences. They are very educational and very applicable to my practice. I always leave with a few clinical pearls. Keep up the good work.

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