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July Employee of the Month: Sarah Reagan

Sarah Reagan, Publications Coordinator and July Employee of the Month
Sarah Reagan, Publications Coordinator
Employee of the Month July 2013

If you ever have the pleasure of walking into Sarah Reagan’s office at Symposia Medicus, you will see her collection of bobbleheads proudly displayed on the top tier of her bookcase.  But, they’re not just any bobbleheads.  They are San Francisco Giants players.  (Go Giants!)  Yes, Sarah is a big fan, and I mean big!  She says, “I get really excited when it’s baseball season and enthusiastically try to catch games either on the radio, on TV, or best of all— at the ballpark!”  Her favorite player is Buster Posey and she openly admits to being in love with Tim Lincecum.

Just recently, Sarah has had to rearrange her bookcase and SF Giants bobbleheads to make room for the many copies of conference syllabi she is publishing.  With her promotion from Clerical Assistant to Publications Coordinator, Sarah now creates the syllabi for conferences.  She is also responsible for organizing the digital aspects of conference syllabi.  This allows her to work with new devices and technology, something she enjoys.

When Sarah has free time, you may find her boogie boarding at Stinson Beach, just north of San Francisco.  No fog or cold weather will keep her from the water!  She’s also a dog & cat lover and a supporter of ARF (Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation).  Although she loves to sing, you will probably never see Sarah on American Idol.  “I am a horrible singer, and people held captive in my office are subject to torture via my Pandora station and me rocking to the Jackson 5, Matt & Kim, Queen and Arcade Fire.”

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