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Symposia Medicus Achieves ANCC Reaccreditation for Nursing Continuing Professional Development 



Symposia Medicus Achieves ANCC Reaccreditation for Nursing Continuing Professional Development 

With this reaccreditation, Symposia Medicus continues to be part of an influential global community of practicing accredited organizations. We received reaccreditation for providing high-quality continuing education and nursing continuing professional development for healthcare providers across a range of professions and specialties. Each and every educational activity we host/hold aims to increase both the competence and performance of all attendees, as well as contribute to their ability to work together as part of a coordinated healthcare team.

NCPD accreditation from ANCC elevates educational offerings that benefit our nurses, and the patients and communities we serve, by:

The ANCC Accreditation Model is based on the original Donabedian framework of structure, process, and outcome measures to evaluate quality. The ANCC standards provide organizations with a structured, evidence-based framework to design and implement NCPD activities. The development of quality outcomes ensures that accredited organizations are continuously evaluating processes and their impact on the professional development of nurses.