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Move It With Metzl

2019 Flashback of Dr. Jordan Metzl’s IronStrength on Intrepid class

Dr. Jordan Metzl is a nationally-renowned physician, author, and fitness instructor who specializes in sports medicine and is an incredibly active member of the athletic world himself. We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Metzl for over a decade. As a revered speaker for Symposia Medicus, he has lectured at countless conferences ranging in discipline from pediatrics to emergency medicine. His website and social media pages offer a myriad of opportunities to both learn from and engage with this workout wizard.

We invite you to clear a little room in your home, log on to your laptop, and start sweating:

For more workouts and webinars, check out Dr. Metzl’s Facebook page in its entirety:

Not only has this non-stop doc mastered 30 marathons and tackled 12 triathlons, he also created and currently manages a large-scale fitness program dubbed the IronStrength Workout. Designed for athletes of all ages and abilities, Dr. Metzl’s program directly reflects his ideology surrounding preventative exercise, strength training, and the importance of movement and motion. But of course, Dr. Metzl doesn’t stop at physically fit. He has authored several books and published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.

To learn more about his workouts and writings, visit Dr. Metzl’s website: