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Traveling to Hawaii 2021

From, Hawaii Tourism Authority July 8, the State of Hawai‘i began granting quarantine exceptions to travelers on domestic flights (from U.S. states and territories) who uploaded proof of full vaccination (two (2) Moderna or Pfizer shots or one (1) Johnson & Johnson shot plus 15 days after last dose) received within the 50 states…

Clinical Content July 2021 Newsletter Travel Tips

Traveling With Kids: Car Safety

By Karen J. Miller, MD Many families have been cooped up too long and are getting ready to hit the road. With summer in full swing and the population increasingly getting vaccinated, some people are going to start traveling again. But taking a road trip with the whole family can be a difficult situation—even without…

July 2021 Newsletter Travel Tips

Resuming Travel

By Sarah Reagan & Jenna Korver 2021 is halfway over and we are ready to get outta here! While we are excited to start traveling again, things are not going to be completely “back to normal.” Whether we see you in Big Sky, Oahu, or Lake Tahoe, here is some information to keep in mind…

May 2021 Newsletter Travel Tips

Oh, the Places We’ve Been!

It’s been a long year of not traveling. While more of the population is getting vaccinated and renewing their passports, we are revving up to get away again. Symposia Spotlight asked our Faculty to share some of their favorite Symposia Medicus places they have traveled to. We are already packing our bags! Big Sky, Montana…

Health & Wellness November 2020 Travel Tips

Navigating the Holidays During the Pandemic

The holidays like we’ve never had them before. Well, here we are in November. Who would’ve thought it could arrive so quickly while this year has felt so long? As we dive into the holiday season, we must remember that we aren’t out of the woods yet. While we continue to navigate the currents of…

August 2020 Newsletter Travel Tips

On the Road Again…

Symposia Medicus Office Manager and Conference Planner Alexandria Morales shares her travel experience during COVID-19. In the midst of COVID-19, summer break was in full swing. However, while the rest of the world was putting operations on hold, no one told my 7-year-old daughter to stop growing up. We did not want her to miss…

July 2020 Newsletter Travel Tips

A New Age of Travel

Planning ahead for what is going to be the new normal of traveling. Symposia Medicus holds about 35 conferences a year at vacation destinations around the world. It is fair to say that traveling has been on our minds a lot while grounded these past four months. With the middle of summer approaching and hopes…