Health & Wellness November 2020 Travel Tips

Navigating the Holidays During the Pandemic

The holidays like we’ve never had them before. Well, here we are in November. Who would’ve thought it could arrive so quickly while this year has felt so long? As we dive into the holiday season, we must remember that we aren’t out of the woods yet. While we continue to navigate the currents of…

Health & Wellness November 2020

The Blind Man’s Lantern

Symposia Medicus faculty member and Martial Arts Grand Master 8th Degree Black Belt Dr. Michael Foley shares a story and insight surrounding the challenge of healthcare provider burnout. One evening after a Martial Arts class, a blind student approached the Master to request a lantern for his journey home. On hearing the request, the Master—who…

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COVID-19 Resources

It has been eight months since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and yet, there is still so much to learn about this novel coronavirus. Information is key, so Symposia Medicus will be working with our faculty to share information that healthcare professionals can use to help better understand…

Health & Wellness Newsletter November 2020

What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About the U.S. Healthcare System

by Frank LoVecchio, DO, MPH, FACEP, ABMT Symposia Medicus faculty member Dr. Frank LoVecchio gives his thoughts and opinions on the pandemic and what COVID-19 has taught us about the U.S. Healthcare System. A challenging game played by teens is to ask me how to spin bad events into a positive. I applied this philosophy…

Health & Wellness October 2020

Surviving a Viral Pandemic

by Roger Newman, MD In earlier months of grappling with the coronavirus, even medical professionals were still trying to grasp the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and cope with the ever-changing nature of the pandemic. Hear from Symposia Medicus faculty member, Dr. Roger Newman, as he shares his experience—with a sprinkle of humor—on contracting…

Health & Wellness Newsletter October 2020

Return to School FAQ

by Jeffrey Starke, MD, FAAP It is fall and children are heading back to school. However, this year COVID-19 has caused more anxiety and apprehension than chemistry midterms. Symposia Medicus faculty member Dr. Jeffrey Starke shares a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning COVID-19 and returning to school. This FAQ was developed by several…

Health & Wellness September 2020

Improving Outcomes of Babies and Mothers Who Require Emergency-Release Transfusions

by Robert D. Christensen, MD Dr. Robert Christensen first spoke for Symposia Medicus seven years ago this month at our inaugural Neonatal Care conference. With September being Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Awareness Month, Symposia Spotlight reached out to Dr. Christensen, who provided some important updates on neonatal transfusions. Timothy M. Bahr, MS, MD, Fellow…

Health & Wellness Newsletter September 2020

Telemedicine in the Days of COVID-19

by Toby Maurer, MD Dermatologist and Symposia Medicus faculty member Dr. Toby Maurer shares her experiences with teledermatology (as telemedicine) and looks at the benefits and challenges of this new norm in healthcare. I have been fortunate enough to work in teledermatology (as telemedicine) for over 10 years pre-COVID-19, if we can remember those days.…

Get to Know Health & Wellness October 2020

Good for the Sole

I am an avid social dancer. I used to go out multiple times a week—to a local establishment for line dancing and country two-step and a local studio for west coast swing—but it won’t surprise anyone to hear that all of my regular dance venues are currently closed. Thankfully, I am still able to get…

Health & Wellness Newsletter Recipes September 2020

End-of-Vacation Salad

Symposia Medicus faculty member, Dr. Roxanne B. Sukol, shares her vegetarian recipe that brings back memories of a summer trip. by Roxanne B. Sukol, MD, MS This recipe was inspired by a meal I enjoyed while traveling home from a family vacation. We were en route from Florida heading to the Great Lakes. After a…