Clinical Content July 2021

Maternal Sepsis: Key Challenges

By Suzanne McMurtry Baird, DNP, RN As Director of Nursing for Clinical Concepts in Obstetrics, Suzanne McMurtry Baird consults for hospitals and aids them in developing and implementing obstetric care programs and bundles. Speaking for Symposia Medicus since 1995, Dr. McMurtry Baird here discusses the major challenges to maternal sepsis bundle incorporation and implementation.      …

Clinical Content July 2021 Newsletter Travel Tips

Traveling With Kids: Car Safety

By Karen J. Miller, MD Many families have been cooped up too long and are getting ready to hit the road. With summer in full swing and the population increasingly getting vaccinated, some people are going to start traveling again. But taking a road trip with the whole family can be a difficult situation—even without…

Clinical Content June 2021

Cord Clamping

By Stephanie R. Martin, DO As Medical Director of Clinical Concepts in Obstetrics, Dr. Stephanie R. Martin consults for hospitals and aids them in developing obstetric intensive care programs. Specializing in medical and surgical complications in pregnancy as well as critical care obstetrics, Dr. Martin has spoken for Symposia Medicus since 2008. Here, she shares…