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Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Dr. Drew Ramsey, MD, psychiatrist and Symposia Medicus faculty member, discusses ADLs on his website’s April 13, 2020 newsletter:

“Another important topic is ADLs. In medical speak, that’s Activities of Daily Living. Usually, the structure of our lives provides this. Dressing for work. Grabbing lunch with coworkers or friends. Going to bed on time so you feel refreshed for the next day. But as the quarantine grows and the days get blurry, maintaining our ADLs takes more effort and focus. In the midst of a pandemic, self-care is extra challenging, so make sure to acknowledge your victories, even if that’s a shower and eating a meal and focus on something achievable today (bed by 11, drink more water, put some lox on those crackers).”

Ramsey, D. (2020, April).

Symposia Medicus Management and Staff took Dr. Ramsey’s advice to “acknowledge [our] victories.” Here are some ways that the Symposia Team and conference-goers have worked to maintain our ADLs and even make parts of quarantine fun:

December 2020

“Our family has felt the challenges during these last few months, just like the rest of the country. So, we did what everyone else has done. We got a puppy!  She is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and her name is Emmie Lou. She is a complete delight and wonderful addition to the household. Our 6-year-old Maltipoo was not so sure for the first month, but he has come around. We think he likes having someone around to play with. You can see our little bundle of joy on Instagram @emmiethewheaten.”

Allen Nan, Symposia Medicus Medical Director

“One pro of the pandemic has certainly been the flexibility of working from home. However, I do still find myself surrounded by screens. So, every afternoon after work, I unplug by curling up with a book on my patio. It takes me to a new place while I take in the fresh air.”

Jenna Korver, Publications Coordinator

November 2020

“COVID got you down? Stir-crazy and bored? Well then, there’s no better activity than visiting your local wild places with your cell phone or a camera for a little nature photography. Despite the difficulties of travel, this summer has been a great time to visit local nature preserves. I’ve had a chance to photograph the night sky and weather phenomena in these places. Birds, flowers, insects, and other animals and their young are also out and about. And there was the comet, Neowise, too! This kind of nature adventure is relaxing, safe, and so much fun. Be sure to follow public health guidelines: hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing. Here are a couple of pictures from this summer, all taken in open access public lands, with no crowds and lots of natural beauty.”  

William Lutin, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACC

October 2020

“Recently at our Lake Tahoe home, a bear decided to invite himself in for lunch while I was there alone with my little 15-pound toy poodle. Lolly was on top of the couch, nose-to-nose through the screen with a medium sized brown bear! But her barking and yelling did the trick. Ursa Major got down, casually ambled off the deck, and Lolly got a much-deserved belly rub.” 

Bonnie Solberg, Planning Committee Member

“I’ve used this time of shelter-in-place to rebalance my mind, body, and spirit. I rediscovered my joy of guided meditations and sound healings. There are so many wonderful recordings on YouTube; I have dozens of them lined up and ready to go!”

Lia Valenzuela, Social Media Coordinator

September 2020

“I always enjoyed drawing and painting when I was younger but had to give it up when I started med school and continued on with my [medical] career. Then the pandemic happened. My office hours were cut and vacations canceled. Suddenly, I had a lot more free time on my hands and started drawing and painting like crazy–making paintings every week! It’s been a mixed blessing. Life is strange, surreal, and difficult in many ways right now, but finding this outlet has been an incredible blessing.”

Kirti Patel, MD

“During this time of working from home, we also began distance learning 100% of the time. Helping teach our 7-year-old, 2nd grade daughter has been challenging. This is a new experience for our family and we are learning to overcome it together. I have nothing but the utmost respect for teachers!”

Alexandria Morales, Office Manager & Conference Planner

August 2020

“So thankful for the blessing of sunny weather during these challenging times. Staying sane working on my small flower bed.”

Lin Roberts, MD

“I’ve missed meeting my sisters for brunch since the shelter in place (SIP) has gone into effect. One brunch staple I was craving in particular were Bloody Marys—a cocktail that my boyfriend affectionately calls “spaghetti sauce with vodka.” Before SIP, I was too intimidated by the recipe and wide array of garnishes to make my own, but now I’ve overcome my fears and enjoy them on the weekends!”

Sarah Reagan, Assistant Conference Planner

July 2020

“I have a morning routine where I set intentions for the day, play some good music, practice a short yoga flow, and express gratitude and appreciation for what is all around. It’s a short practice and it allows me to set the agenda for the day before the day sets it for me. In a world with so much uncertainty, it has been my anchor!”

Ann Konkoly, MBA, APRN-CNM

“To keep our minds fresh and focused, my wife and I devote a little bit of time every evening to putting puzzles together—together.”

Jim Goodrich, Executive Director

June 2020

“I enjoy daily walks my family takes after the work day is done. The spring flowers are beautiful and I have lost close to 10 pounds since March!”

Angie Dimitri, Assistant Manager & Conference Planner

“I have never been the most accomplished gal in the kitchen. Since living in this COVID world, I thought perhaps it was time to improve my skills.”

Maria Craig Baldwin, CFO/COO