July 2020 Newsletter Travel Tips

A New Age of Travel

Planning ahead for what is going to be the new normal of traveling.

Chief Executive Dog (CED) Marley Goodrich is already looking forward to traveling again.

Symposia Medicus holds about 35 conferences a year at vacation destinations around the world. It is fair to say that traveling has been on our minds a lot while grounded these past four months.

With the middle of summer approaching and hopes of the pandemic curve flattening, we look forward to a time where we can enjoy going on trips again. However, the way we travel is going to look rather different. Travelers may need to spend the extra time planning ahead, making reservations, and taking additional precautions to exercise social distancing.

Here are some sites with additional information on traveling during COVID-19:

CDC Website: Travel in the U.S.

Along with your passport and neck pillow, don’t forget your new essential travel items— facemasks and hand sanitizer. A statement released by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) highlights the changes you will see going through airport security:

TSA Website: TSA Travelers Updated Security Procedures

We have a lot of time to plan ahead for traveling. Here’s an article from travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler on what sorts of changes to expect: How Travel Will Change

We all may need to pack extra flexibility and patience when we travel from now on. Hopefully, the extra effort will not be useless. Magnets and shot glasses make for better souvenirs than coronavirus.